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The Sany Group

Logistics as a competitive advantage

Today’s disruptive economy is a tough environment for manufacturers and traders. Your (end)consumers are self-assured and impatient. E-commerce implies E-fulfillment, which puts a heavy strain on you. Whatever you are producing, it only adds value when your customer gets your goods FAST and in good order.

A game-changer

Logistics has become a real game-changer, moving up from a troublesome sideshow right into the core of your business. In many boardrooms, the big question is now: “How can I make a difference by delivering faster?”

The Sany group has been in logistics since its establishment in 1990 and today it offers worldwide logistic services to a growing number of international customers.

As an independent supply chain provider , our mission is to get your goods to your customers as fast, as secure and as economic as possible.

Multimodal is the future

 In order to fulfil this promise, the Sany group has adopted a multimodal approach. This means that the mode of transportation is always subordinate to your objectives and resources. Though we offer the full array of transportation means, we always recommend you the combination that best meets your requirements, taking into account various parameters, such as speed, distance, safety, the kind of goods and profitability. So, a combination of deepsea, shortsea, inland and road transport may be the solution you need - while in other circumstances, an airplane or train, combined with a truck will do the trick.

IT and transparency

Automation and transparency are of key importance to the Sany Group. Realtime data sharing between you and us will be the fuel that propels logistics in the future. Being in touch with your goods all along the way from your plant to your customer is not only reassuring, it is a must in today’s complex logistics. Through are partnership with the Uniforce Group, we can offer you this ease of mind.

Beyond logistics

Capitalizing on experience and know-how the Sany Group is the pilot that helps you navigate today’s trade. We can do more for you than merely insource your logistics. Production, trade and marketing are a flow. We can help you smoothen that flow.

Uniforce network

The Sany group is part of the Uniforce network. The network is composed of business owners around the world, offering global logistics services - operating on all continents, from the 20 biggest sea- and airports in the world. The Sany group takes care of operations and services in Belgium and The Netherlands with the seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam and the Brussels and Amsterdam airports as home base.